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Contact person: MR Henry
Service category: Trading Companies


Complete supply of specialty wines

As a member of China Merchants Group, Hailian Supply Co., Ltd. is the only enterprise under its umbrella that specializes in tobacco, alcohol, beverages and food. It is highly respected and well-known; it is also a leading Chinese wine supplier in Hong Kong.

Hailian's business is mainly divided into the supply of materials at sea and onshore. Maritime supply is for ocean-going or inland river cargo ships and cruise ships to provide duty-free cigarettes and alcoholic beverages, as well as daily necessities and meals, etc.; shore supply is for Chinese wine and overseas wine in the Hong Kong market, including wholesale, retail and direct sales. There are many famous brands represented by Hailian, including national liquor Moutai, Wuliangye, Jiannanchun, Luzhou Laojiao and Zhuyeqing.

Hailian has set up its own office buildings, warehouses, bonded warehouses, refrigerated rooms, wine warehouses, transportation fleets and fleets, etc. The supporting facilities are advanced and complete to ensure that the supply at sea and onshore is proper and comprehensive.
Offshore for ship and shore distribution

Since its establishment in 1967, Hailian has been in business for more than forty years, and its business has continued to expand. This process is also a true portrayal of the closer economic ties between China and Hong Kong.

In the early days of business in the 1960s and 1970s, Hailian mainly served crew members, especially cargo ships entering and leaving Hong Kong, providing supplies, meals, and a small amount of duty-free tobacco and alcohol.

In the 1980s, in order to cooperate with the China Merchants Group to develop the Shekou Industrial Zone, Hailian entered the shore business with counterpart trade, and its service scope expanded rapidly. It first provided food, duty-free tobacco, alcohol and daily necessities to hotels and restaurants in the Shekou Industrial Zone; It also includes logistics bases such as supermarkets and department stores, oil fields, nuclear power plants, and Chinese consulates in foreign countries.

Since the early 1990s, Hailian has been actively exploring the local market in Hong Kong, importing a variety of high-quality wines from China and all over the world, thereby enhancing its agency business, and conducting regular advertising and holding different marketing activities.

In order to expand the Chinese mainland market, Hailian established a wholly-owned subsidiary in Shenzhen in November 2008, Shengyue Wine (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., aiming to introduce high-quality wines from various countries to the majority of domestic wine lovers and promote Wine culture.

The elite team of Hailian has been working together for many years to provide customers with products and logistics services that best meet their needs. In the future, we should continue to work hard and actively expand to promote the business to a higher level and add beauty.
Offshore for ship and shore distribution

From offshore supply in the past to today's onshore operations; from small-scale trading in the past to large-scale agency dealers at present, Hailian's business can be roughly divided into two major categories: offshore ship supply and shore distribution.

Supplying materials for marine vessels, commonly known as "shipping", is the traditional core business of Hailian, specializing in the supply of duty-free tobacco and alcohol, as well as daily necessities and food materials for marine vessels. The main service target is the cargo ships of Chinese and foreign ocean and inland rivers; and the large luxury cruise ships that are stationed in and passing through Hong Kong are also long-term customers of Hailian.

In terms of shore-based distribution, the products currently distributed by Hailian are mainly Chinese famous wines and foreign table wines, with three sales channels including wholesale, retail and direct sales. Its customers and sales network are huge, including hotels, restaurants, supermarkets, large chain stores, and department stores Companies, offices, shops, etc.
Excellent logistics service excellence

To ensure an uninterrupted source of supply, perfect logistics is the key to Xiezhong, so Hailian strives to perfect every link in the supply chain.

At present, Hailian owns a warehouse of more than 20,000 square feet in Tsuen Wan, and started to set up a bonded warehouse as early as 1996, becoming the first supplier in Hong Kong to have a private bonded warehouse for the supply of goods on board.

On the other hand, because some products, such as table wine, must be stored in a constant temperature place, in view of this, Hailian has also set up a movable freezer room and a constant temperature wine warehouse to ensure the quality of the inventory.

At the same time, Hailian also has its own high-efficiency transport fleet and fleet. No matter where the ship is anchored in any water area in the port or where the customer is located in Hong Kong, Kowloon and New Territories, it can be delivered on time; the time from placing an order to receiving the goods can even be As short as a few hours.

Hailian has a wealth of logistics experience, combined with advanced technology to complement each other. Now the warehouse has been fully computerized, coupled with convenient communication equipment and extensive use of the Internet, to ensure fast and accurate supply and satisfy customers.

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Contact person: MR Henry
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