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Service category: Trading Companies


Fortune Trading (International) Group Background

Fortune Trading (International) Group mainly deals in treatment and health care products from various countries. At that time, it undertook the re-operation of the brand "Jizhongtang" that took root in Hong Kong in the 1950s. It continued to develop and improve ancestral recipes, deeply understand market needs, and even contact wholesale and retail. Level. It is a wholesale agent of Chinese and Western medicines, and operates various import and export trades. It has created all-new marketing methods in the medical and health care industry and is supported by the industry. At the beginning of 1996, with the continuous efforts and innovation of the enterprise, the group has been able to meet the needs of long-term business expansion and began to plan its own production plant. In 1997, it completed its own production plant, paying attention to quality, efficiency and brand. And so on as the prerequisite; add Chinese patent medicine creation, processing, packaging and other businesses.

Due to the continued expansion of the market, the Group added a brand-new modern factory in Hong Kong in 2002, mainly to develop Chinese medicine and Chinese patent medicine products to meet the continuous market demand for products. From the beginning of production, the plant is responsible for all the processes, until the finished product is delivered to the market, which meets the standard of Chinese patent medicine products. Therefore, the group's business can arrange manufacturing, wholesale, retail import and export trade and other levels to provide customers with high-quality products and services.

Hong Kong's medical and healthcare products market has a wide range of users, each with its own advantages. It can be seen that the Hong Kong market is still dominated by Chinese and Western medicines. Enterprises have invested in Chinese medicine projects and also cooperated with major GMP Western medicine factories in Hong Kong and overseas to represent their high-quality products and cover more product categories. The goal is to facilitate the procurement of pharmacies and drug stores, while the products have their own positioning, so as to increase the market share.

The Group's branded products have successfully entered Hong Kong, Macau and Southeast Asia, with more than 1,200 pharmacies and drugstores, and also cooperated with many well-known chain stores to bring corporate products to all levels of the market and benefit more users.

The diversification of Chinese and Western patent medicines and healthcare products has continuously improved the company's reputation. The company has summarized its products as household products in the form of "series"; in order to ensure that users can prescribe the right medicine and choose their own treatment and health care methods.

Group members:

Fortune Trading (International) Group Co., Ltd.
Fortune Trading (International) Co., Ltd.
Hong Kong Jizhongtang Chinese Medicine Factory
Fortune Trading (Pharmaceutical Industry) Co., Ltd.
Hongwei Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
Hong Kong Jizhongtang Chinese Medicine Factory Co., Ltd.

Fortune Trading (International) Co., Ltd.: It specializes in the agency of high-quality treatment and health products in overseas countries, and operates various import and export trades. The well-known product series include <German Herbal Series>, <American Health and Nutrition Series>, <Household Commodity Series>, and <Hongyun Brand Premium Product Series>.

Hongyun Trading (Pharmaceutical Industry) Co., Ltd.: Franchise agent wholesale business: Agent Jizhongtang: high-quality products, well-known old brand series including <child care series>, <women's health series>, <men's health series>, <tiger Top brand high-quality product series>, <Chinese and Western formula series>.

Hongwei Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.: franchise agent wholesale business, agent various products, including <Nanlian Quality Product Series>, <Bull Brand Quality Product Series>, <Babaoyuan Quality Product Series>, <Baoshengtang Quality Product Series >.

Jizhongtang Chinese Medicine Factory, Jizhongtang Chinese Medicine Factory Co., Ltd.: specialize in the production, processing and packaging of "Jizhongtang" brand Chinese patent medicines.

The "Jizhongtang" brand has a history of 68 years in Hong Kong, and its traditional pharmaceutical secret recipe has been passed down from generation to generation. The ancient formula is matched with modern production standards to make the product excellent in efficacy. In line with the belief in the development and research and development of proprietary Chinese medicine products, the products are innovated and the unique product formula has been praised by the market and customers in many ways. The factory set up by the group in Hong Kong is also named "Jizhongtang", which shows that the group values ​​this aspect.

Hong Kong Jizhongtang Chinese Medicine Factory Co., Ltd. is a diversified and modern manufacturing company with an excellent drug quality management system, which effectively monitors the operation of all departments in the facility to prevent and avoid product production accidents and cross-contamination. Program guidelines are clearly listed in the system. Once any errors or other incidents are found, report them as soon as possible and take contingency measures. The company also regularly conducts employee training, internal self-inspection, product stability testing, product and equipment verification, etc., to ensure that it can provide the highest quality products to users.

Hong Kong Jizhongtang Chinese Medicine Factory Co., Ltd. Accepts commissioned processing and production services and commissioned laboratory services

We sincerely provide the following "commissioned production services" and "commissioned laboratory inspection services" and "commissioned processing and production services"


Capsule filling
Tablet compression
Granule manufacturing
Big Miwan / Water Miwan Pills, powder (powder) production
Various internal and external packaging and filling
Pre-processing and grinding process of raw medicinal materials

"Entrusted Laboratory Testing Service" (applicable to original medicinal materials / Chinese patent medicine / food):

Pesticide residue test report
Heavy metal content test report
Levy biological limit test report
Product stability (normal temperature and accelerated) test
Qualitative and quantitative test report of active ingredients
Product quality standard development

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