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Contact person: Mr. Glenn Roger
Service category: Design, Digital, Media & Advertising


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I founded the Mediazone Group in the year 2000 with a view to bringing global attention to local and foreign, best-achieving corporations and pioneers in Hong Kong. I came to Hong Kong in the early 90s to serve in an editorial capacity with a huge American trade publisher with a large Asian footprint. I later moved on to a luxury lifestyle magazine publisher where I took on a Special Projects role that included marketable editorial, overseas publicity management and China-specific media relations all of which brought me a wealth of experience with which I founded the Mediazone Group. We now have a distinct identity that is recognised today globally as much for its distinctive Shepherd Boy logo, as for its innovatively titled publications.

Drawing on my humble beginnings and the obstacles I faced when I entered the known world, I decided that the main purpose of Mediazone Publishing would be to find, nurture, empower and guide professionals disadvantaged by the establishment. like I believe I was. Nobody wanted to help me when I was looking for professional opportunity, so I know how it feels to hope and wait in despair. When I came to the global marketplace I was judged by everything but my ability. It was then that I decided that I would create if I couldn’t find, an opportunity where I could find value for my ability. After years of being used and abused, I decided to found Mediazone Publishing - a company that would employ simple, straightforward people who wanted to rise above themselves and prosper without having to ingratiate themselves to anyone (including me) and focus on learning, improving and getting fair value for their time and effort. More importantly, I wanted to reach out to those who had failed or fallen and to those who the world preferred to ignore or forget. I wanted to give these people a second chance. I quickly learnt that compassion also carries a price but is well worth the rewards. I made the now famous Shepherd Boy, my company’s corporate logo - a symbol of love for the lost.

Since then the Mediazone Group has proudly employed the services of disadvantaged/undereducated at home and abroad, who have produced results more outstanding than their more educated, well-placed counterparts serving established companies. While, I concede that Mediazone Publishing is not a towering economic miracle like Apple or Microsoft, it was not meant to be and neither do I think myself capable of making it one. My role in life, I believe, is to do whatever I can for my needy fellow man. In the very act itself I find my peace. I need nothing more.

The journey has been hugely rewarding despite all the setbacks we’ve had. In hindsight, the setbacks continue to be blessings in disguise so all I can honestly and humbly report is…progress. Our darkest days have only reassured me that the following morning would be brighter and more fragrant than the earlier ones and that disappointment, ingratitude, failure, sadness, rejection and setback are merely fires that temper the metal and get it ready for the Master’s hand. It is my unshakable belief that love has no equal in bed or battle. If there is to be a legacy I leave, let it be this that ‘even the smallest prayer is heard and answered’ and all we will ever need is — faith.

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Contact person: Mr. Glenn Roger
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