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Contact person: MR Xie Shiquan
Service category: Education


History and development of the school
Sheng Kung Hui Ling Ai Primary School is one of the fifty schools affiliated to the Sheng Anglican Primary School Supervision Committee. It was founded by Master Li Yisan (Li Zheng Xiaozhen) alone in 1934. It has been more than 80 years since then. In this long day, the school has continued Development has undergone several stages of transformation.

School inception
When the school opened, it borrowed the private residence "Caolu" of Principal Zheng to teach in the form of a school. At that time, more than a dozen students were admitted, which was like a girls' school. When Hong Kong fell in 1941, the school was closed for a while, and reopened in February of 46. Five years later, it received government subsidies, but it is still a small rural elementary school.

The first stage of expansion
In 1957, the school's founding female principal Li Zheng Xiaozhen handed the school to the Anglican Church for handling, and formally became one of the schools under the Anglican (Hong Kong) Primary School Supervision Committee. In the same year, it began to receive government subsidies; the current school building was built by the government free of charge, with an area of ​​more than 18,000 square feet; it was completed in March 1970. One-third of the construction cost that year was funded by the government; the rest was paid by the Anglican (Hong Kong) Primary School Supervision Committee.

"Ling Ai" school is named after Master Li Yisan quoted the fourth chapter of the Bible <<1 John>> "God gave us his "spirit". From then on, we know that we live in him and he also lives in us. Inside." (verse 13) and "God "loves" our hearts, and we know and believe..." (verse 16). In the following year, President Zheng retired. He Minghua appointed Pastor Zhong Renyong to take over as the headmaster (the second headmaster from 1959-1964), and Pastor Pang Deming Haozheng served as the superintendent. At this time, Principal Zheng’s private house was still used for classes, and two classes were set up. The number of students increased to 55. The principal and faculty members were only three. The school building gradually felt insufficient. In September 1960, the St. Matthias Church was completed (the old church). The church was lent to the school for classes. It was expanded to six classes within two years. The number of students was about 200, and classes were held in the morning and afternoon. The first primary six students graduated in 1964. It has been 30 years since its founding. Since then, "Ling Ai" has gradually developed into a large-scale elementary school.

The second phase of expansion
In September 1964, Pastor Xie Bowen, the dean of St. Matthias Church, took over as the superintendent, and Mr. Gu Luming took over as the principal (third-term 1964-1991). It is felt that if the school is to develop, it must first have ideal facilities. Then began to apply for the construction of a new school building. After two years of camping, he was approved by the Education Department in 1966 to establish a school at No. 15, Mami Road, Yuen Long. In August of that year, the supervisor of the school was transferred to the diocese of Taiwan, and Bishop Zhang Peiyang took over as the supervisor of the school, and then formed the school building committee. Dr. Lin Zhixuan was appointed as the chairman, and Sun Yimin was hired to be responsible for the design. By August 1968, the plan was finalized. Construction started in March of 2009. During the construction period, the project progressed smoothly. In September 1969, a new school building with twelve classrooms was completed. It stood on Ma Miao Road. The school was founded 35 years ago, and finally got a large-scale self-built school building.

Stepping into a growing school
The new school was opened on September 15, 1969. Twelve full-time classes were set up, with a total of 521 students and a total of 18 faculty members. The development of the school was quickly on track. From the late 1960s to the early 1970s, Hong Kong’s society and economy were in recession, and there were many poor children in our school. Bishop Zhang took care of the needs of the students and provided assistance through the Children’s Food Club and the Canadian Children’s Association. Children benefit, the school attracts the attention of parents in the area, and the class is expanded every year. In order to meet the requirements of parents, the school changed to half-time classes. By 1974, 24 classes were officially opened, with the number of students reaching more than 1,000. In 1991, President Gu was retired after serving "Ling Ai" for 27 years. His successors include President Chen Dacheng (fourth 1991-1993), President Li Jiejiang (fifth 1993-1997), President Chen Rongchi (sixth term from 1997 to 2002), President Dai Hongfang (7th term from 2002 to 2016) and President Xie Shiquan (eighth term from 2016 to present).

Ling Oi Primary School was included in the government's school improvement project in 1997, which was the third phase of the second phase. It is planned to start construction in September. The roof of the original school building and the principal’s dormitory will be removed and the upper cover will be added to increase the teaching space (reconstruction of the old classrooms of the original school building into two faculty rooms and one principal’s room; an additional multi-purpose activity room will be built , Two tutoring classrooms, a central library, two classrooms and a music room); the reconstruction project was completed on January 5, 1999. The old school building has been overhauled; now it has a new look.

In recent years, the school has vigorously promoted STEM courses. Starting in 2018, the school has implemented LBD (Learning by Doing) courses to allow students to enrich their learning experience from practice. In addition, they reformed the arrangements for examinations and assessments to expand students' learning space. . In terms of campus expansion, the school received support from the Anglican Church, parents, alumni, and other parties to carry out school improvement projects. In addition to expanding the new auditorium and improving the audio and lighting equipment in the auditorium, it also improved the information technology learning center. The facilities allow our students to carry out more diversified activities.

* Based on the principle of balanced development of the six educations of spirituality, morality, intelligence, physicality, group and beauty, through spiritual education, students can have a correct understanding and attitude towards life, family, community and country, so as to achieve the goal of whole-person education.


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School badge interpretation

* The cross represents the path of Christ's truth and is the direction of our lives.

* The shield represents the armor of Christ, giving us resistance to the temptation of the devil and the invasion of sin.

* The small light means that we want to ignite ourselves, illuminate others, and contribute to society.

Educational goals
This school is a Christian elementary school, in the spirit of Christ,

Use the truths of the Bible to teach children the right way and cultivate them to be useful people.

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Contact person: MR Xie Shiquan
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