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Contact person: Mr. Yiu Kuen
Service category: Education


Our spirit

Whole person education whole school participation

Our purpose

Cooperate with the school to strive for progress as the overall goal of excellence:

In accordance with the biblical standpoint, the school is committed to implementing Christian high-quality whole-person education, so that students can develop in a balanced manner in the six educations of spiritual, moral, intellectual, physical, social and aesthetic. I hope that students can enjoy learning and master various knowledge and abilities through appropriate courses and training, so that they can show their strengths in life. A good relationship can be established between teachers and students. Teachers teach by example and students can respond frankly, making the campus a world of sympathy and care. Schools and parents can be in close contact. Parents become teachers’ partners. Through active participation and collaboration, they work with the school to cultivate the growth of students. Students can become citizens with healthy body, mind, and sense of responsibility. Students can obtain the "richer life" given by Jesus Christ and become the driving force of life and serve the community.

Towering on four feet-constructing the entire campus life

Academic Affairs Team

The junior high school curriculum focuses on general education to help students develop in a balanced manner in all aspects. In addition to Chinese, English, and Mathematics as the necessary tools for learning, technical subjects can help students understand various aspects of knowledge and skills. The teaching spirit of our junior high school is to cultivate students' interest in learning, enhance their confidence in learning, and establish good learning methods, habits and skills. Therefore, our school will understand the actual needs of students from many aspects and try to make the teaching content livelier in order to achieve the teaching goals. The high school curriculum focuses on thinking, subject knowledge, and problem-solving training.

Disciplinary Counseling Team

Purpose and spirit: On the basis of the Bible, formulate and implement school rules with love and justice. Provide students with an excellent learning environment, cultivate self-discipline and good character, and develop students to be able to encourage and help each other, respect teachers, be courteous, diligent and studious, clean and self-love, strive for progress, behave properly, honestly and honestly. No splendor and sense of responsibility.

Activity group


Cooperate with the school's overall goals of diligence, discipline, understanding and kindness:

1. Establish and provide various types of activities to allow students to achieve a balanced development in the six education of morality, intelligence, physical, social, beauty and spirituality.

2 Emphasis on counseling in activities to assist students in solving growth problems.

3. Establish a good teacher-student relationship, use the principle of life-influencing life, and according to the teachings of the Bible, cultivate students to become talents and cultivate the ability to work independently.

4 Strengthen students' interpersonal communication skills and grow together in an environment of loving each other.

5. Cultivate students' sense of belonging, personal responsibility, and imitate Jesus Christ's spirit of serving society.

6. To cooperate with the teaching reform plan, integrate extracurricular activities into the basic curriculum.

7 Use the intranet system to strengthen the promotion of activities and member communications.

Gospel group


1. Enlighten students to recognize and accept the Christian faith, and recognize the correct direction, goal and meaning of life.

2 Guide students to confess their sins and repent, accept Jesus Christ as the Savior, and have the assurance of being born again and saved.

3 Cultivate students to have a good and lively spirituality, and to bear witness to the Lord in life.

4. Help students build a stable church life so that they can grow spiritually.

5. Help Christian students to take the initiative to grow and bear good fruits.

6 Guide students to be willing to share faith with others and lead relatives and friends to the Lord.

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Contact person: Mr. Yiu Kuen
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