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Service category: Education


How can a Private English Tutor in Hong Kong help you?
Since 2013, I have been working with adult students who are living and working in Hong Kong. Most of my students are professionals who have the need and desire for improving their English speaking skills, not only for business, but for general communication purposes.

I have found that in Hong Kong, although English is a very common language, many people find it challenging to use English speaking in their daily lives. As a result, there are very few opportunities to use and practice English, and therefore, it never improves. Moreover, there are very few opportunities to correct mistakes with grammar, pronunciation, verb tense, sentence structure, etc.

This is why it is important to have a private English tutor in Hong Kong who can work with you in a quiet environment. As an adult learner, it is important to be committed, have patience and be consistent with your English learning plan. Whether you need to improve you English for business, travel or just for personal growth, I can work closely with you to focus on the areas of English where you need the most attention.

I am located on Hong Kong Island in Wan Chai, and English lessons are typically at my home, which is quiet, convenient and comfortable. Occasionally, I will meet my student at their home or office, if the location is convenient. English learning sessions are typically 1 to 2 hours, and my schedule is fairly flexible.

Many of my Hong Kong adult students have come to me because they are not interested in studying and practicing English at a learning center, taking a group class or online lessons. These methods are good for some, but many learners prefer to have a private English tutor or a personal teacher who can work with them one-on-one, therefore, making faster progress and getting better results.

When students take private English lessons or classes with me, we practice conversation and work on speaking in a more relaxed, comfortable and natural way. Building confidence is something that is also very important. I can use multi-media, such as images, video and audio to enhance the English learning experience. If you have specific needs, such as presentation preparation, IELTS exam prep, listening, speaking, reading or writing, email writing or just want to practice with a native English speaker who can correct your mistakes, then I can help you.

I always tell my students that listening practice is also very important, but often overlooked. When you were a small child, how did you learn to speak? Before you ever read a book, took a class, had a lesson or watched a video, you learned how to speak through Listening. You listened to your parents, then you would copy and repeat what you heard. If you were wrong, they corrected you. This is how you learned vocabulary, pronunciation and communication. Well, the same concept applies to learning English. When you become a better listener, you become a better English speaker, because you can copy and repeat what you are hearing.

For Hong Kong adults, working with a private English tutor has many benefits. You can practice, make mistakes, get correction, ask questions and learn to speak in the same style as a native English speaker. In school, they teach you lots of vocabulary words, but they seldom teach you English expressions, verb phrases and idioms. This is why it's difficult to sound like a native English speaker, because we communicate in a much different way than what you learn from books in school. I can help you to understand the more natural and native way that we speak English so that you have a better overall understanding of the language and the style we use to express our thoughts and ideas.

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