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Service category: Education


School history
Huaxia Academy was founded in 1962 and was approved for registration by the Hong Kong government. At that time, Huaxia Academy, Baptist Academy, Zhuhai Academy, and Shuren Academy were collectively referred to as the "Four Private Schools." The Baptist Academy and Zhuhai Academy have been funded to expand, but Huaxia has silently adhered to its philosophy and purpose. Professor Lie Hangfei, the founding supervisor of the school, is a high-profile scholar, Professor Qian Mu, and an early graduate of New Asia College and New Asia Institute. Professor Lie Hangfei felt that Professor Qian Mu's great ambitions were still to be carried forward, and wanted to extend the teaching spirit of the academy since the Song and Ming Dynasties, so he founded the Huaxia Academy.
The education situation in Hong Kong has undergone many changes. As a result of the vicissitudes of time, private primary and secondary schools and private colleges have almost disappeared at the end of the 20th century. Huaxia Academy has been standing for sixty years and has been trying its best to meet the needs of society and better cultivate talents for Hong Kong.

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School lessons
The school motto of Huaxia Academy is "Chongde Guangye". The so-called "Chong Moral" is to encourage and cultivate students' character, practice the spirit of Chinese culture "benevolence, righteousness, courtesy, wisdom, and faith", and promote the core values ​​and common ideas of human conscience and reason, including democracy, freedom, and rule of law. , Justice, human rights, equality, love, integrity, respect, responsibility, stability and other elements; "Guangye" refers to teaching students to master broad and profound scientific knowledge and life skills, and promote and develop different academic, professional and career. The Academy’s mission is to develop complete talents to improve the competitiveness of Hong Kong youth, so that students can have both talents and ethics, able to develop careers, benefit the people, serve the society, and revitalize the country.

Huaxia Academy provides various post-secondary education courses in both Chinese and English, including liberal arts, generalists and professional fields. All courses offered by Huaxia College will seek approval from the Hong Kong Council for Accreditation of Academic Qualifications (hereinafter referred to as the Accreditation Council). It will gradually apply to the bureau for independent academic accreditation qualifications, and register as a post-secondary college in accordance with Chapter 320 of the Laws of Hong Kong, providing bachelor and above degree programs recognized by the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government and eventually becoming a statutory private university: "Hong Kong Huaxia University" .

Huaxia Academy provides college and postgraduate courses with the purpose of cultivating talents for China, Hong Kong and the Chinese nation, carrying forward the profound and long-standing Chinese cultural spirit, and promoting cultural exchanges between China and the West. The teaching characteristics of Huaxia Academy focus on training analysis, criticism, independent thinking ability, and cultivating lofty moral character. With the four teachings of literature, behavior, loyalty, and faith, students can learn professional knowledge and proper words and deeds, and become responsible, honest and reliable talents.

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