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Contact person: MR Watsons Water
Service category: Education


enrollment qualities

The school-running philosophy and practice of St. Joseph's School in Maanshan

A) Our Belief:

Saint Francis Assisi is an outstanding follower of the Lord Jesus Christ. His life experience is basically derived from the experience of religious belief: "God is good", and all good and good come from God . The goodness of the Lord prompted Francis to worship in prayer: "My God, my all (Deus meus et omnia)". In his eyes, God, man and all things are integrated; God is the root of all things, man and all things are equal, and they are brothers and sisters. In response to the goodness of God, St. Francis's approach is to "follow the footsteps of the crucified Lord Jesus Christ in poverty and humility." Jesus is an example of obeying the destiny, not seeking self-interest, dedicated to service, and love to the extreme. He educates the masses, stimulates thinking, requires them to be responsible for their actions and lives, transcends narrow self-concepts, and pursues and builds a unified world together, and demonstrates the beauty of God. Francis is based on following the footsteps of the crucified Lord Jesus Christ, using poverty and humility. Poverty represents the inadequacy of man; humility, because man is a creature. He believes that only by acting like this can he achieve his goal.

(2) Our Vision:

We uphold the core values ​​of the Catholic Church’s education, emphasizing the persistence and cultivation of values ​​such as truth, justice, benevolence, life, and family, and put them into practice with little heart and brotherhood. We are adhering to Saint Francis’s example, and through the concerted efforts of all the teachers in the school, we promote his virtue and value, and strive to teach with love, wisdom, patience, humility, poverty, joy, peace, meditation, compassion, and discernment Teenagers and students: love God above all things, and love all people and all created things in order to love God. We want to see teachers and students work together to build a caring campus, an innovative society, a democratic country, and a better world.

(3) Our Mission:

1. The school promotes the fine traditions of Catholic and Franciscan education, guides students to understand the Catholic faith and Christian spirit, explore the true meaning of life, integrate faith into life, establish a positive outlook on life, and achieve "respect for heaven and benevolence, erudition and practice". 2. According to the development of students' abilities, the school will teach students in accordance with their aptitude and create a harmonious and active learning environment, so that students can develop in a balanced manner in knowledge, skills, and mind under the guidance of teachers to realize themselves. 3. Through various courses and activities, the school allows students to understand the advantages and spirit of Chinese and Western traditional culture, fulfill their civic responsibilities, care for the society, serve the community, and build the country.

Four) Our Motto:


"Respect for Heaven, Le benevolence, Knowledgeable and Practice"

(5) Our Educational Practice (Our Objectives):

The 27th chapter of St. Francis' Advice, talks about virtues and their effects. He indirectly reminded that the items that Franciscan educators should pay attention to and the qualities to be taught are also the fruits that those who accept the Franciscan education model should bear. The full text reads: "Where there is love and wisdom, there is no fear and ignorance. Where there is patience and humility, there is no anger and trouble. Where there is poverty and joy, there is no greed and stinginess. There is peace and meditation. There is no anxiety and wandering. There is a place where the house is guarded in the fear of the Lord, where the enemy cannot enter. There is compassion and discernment, there is no excess and stubbornness."

In accordance with the educational philosophy and mission of the Franciscans, the school has the following educational goals and objectives:

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Contact person: MR Watsons Water
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