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Contact person: MR Jian Yanling
Service category: Education


To be a good , healthy of Concord man

Classmates, do you embark on the Xiehe Learning Road with a happy mood every day? Your growth path will inevitably encounter sunny or rainy days, especially in the new crown pneumonia virus epidemic, sometimes you feel relaxed; sometimes I feel depressed, no matter what your mood is, I really look forward to this new school year, the students will continue to work hard together with new goals, relying on God.

In the past, I encouraged my classmates to be a " SMART " child of Xiehe . This year, I have cooperated with the work of the training and assistance team to gather teachers and students to create an excellent and healthy " Xiehe " team.

`` SMART '' includes the following meanings:

S stands for Self-disciplined . Students can set a schedule for themselves in all aspects of daily life, daily life, and study rules. Good behavior will become good habits and character. A regular child will definitely be able to make good use of time and do what should be done now; a regular child will learn to self-regulate and not behave rashly. Parents, let their children establish a regular life since childhood and choose to do good things. Over time, he/she will understand that self-discipline ultimately brings true freedom and satisfaction in life.

M stands for Modest . Modesty means not to boast, not to be arrogant, not to boast, nor will it only raise oneself and trample on others. Children who are humbly taught are loved by all, and they are also the objects that others are willing to teach and communicate with.

A stands for friendly ( Affable ). Only with good interpersonal relationships can life be happy and learning can be satisfied. People need friends to grow up. Learn to love and be loved, respect and be respected in the company. Teach children to share with others and share with others. First, they must be friends of others. It makes people feel kind. He/she will not feel lonely and helpless, but a good friend and partner of everyone.

R stands for Reliable . Keeping promises is the key to success. To gain the trust of others, we must first be a reliable person. If we often make mistakes in the transportation schedule, and we are tired to work or school late, I think you will definitely use other methods to reach your destination next time. If you ask a friend to do something and he forgot or did it improperly, you might not dare to look for him next time. The orchestra teacher asked you to practice hard, but you were so sloppy. You made a fool of yourself during the performance or the ensemble. If something went wrong, he would not dare to ask you to perform again. Therefore, learning and keeping promises, making promises is the cornerstone of success.

T stands for Tidy . Clean and tidy in appearance and organized, will leave a good impression on others. Students, organize your schoolbags, seats and classrooms carefully, and keep the used places clean so that others can also enjoy a comfortable environment for learning. I still remember a trip to another place. The public toilets there were very clean, and the streets were neat and tidy. I think that apart from regular cleaning, the local people’s morality and habit of caring for public property is worth learning. Personal home, campus and community hygiene, health and cleanliness, we all have the responsibility to build, students must work hard!

In addition, the abbreviation of the school running organization of this school is CCC (The Church of Christ in China) . The 3 Cs also represent creativity , communication and collaboration . People who have the ability to innovate and communicate can lead individuals or organizations to innovate, coupled with a willingness to cooperate with others, things will be successful.

To be a real CCC " SMART " team, in addition to the eight elements I mentioned, the most important thing is to obey the word of God. Chapter 9 of Proverbs: Chapter 10 teaches us that “fearing the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, and knowing the Holy One is wise”; Chapter 3 of Proverbs: Sections 5-6 remind us, “You must rely on the Lord with all your heart, and don’t rely on your own wisdom. In everything you do, you must recognize him, and he will guide your way." I hope that the Concordants fear God and follow his will. Work hard and study hard, play to your potential, follow God closely, and don't forget the school motto: "Here the truth, the truth is the truth."

The learning journey of 2020-2021 has begun. Looking back, we must not only be grateful, but also work harder, adhering to the enthusiasm and enthusiasm of our predecessors, and facing difficulties; for Xiehe to build a " happy " learning, " good " " SMART " team workers who communicate, " brave " to undertake, and " dare " to innovate , each exerts a spirit of hard work in different positions, " cooperates " and works together, "harmony " and mutual aid, and glory people. I wish all the children of Xiehe good health, progress in character and learning, and the Lord's grace!

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Contact person: MR Jian Yanling
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