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Contact person: Mr. Liu Zhubo
Service category: Education


School history
In 1921, Mr. Liu Zhubo, Sir Zhou Shouchen, Mr. Feng Pingshan, and Mr. Li Youquan were four of them. The children at the grass-roots level in Hong Kong lacked education due to poor families, so they decided to follow the example of foreign countries and set up a children’s technology college, hoping to let some dropout children. Young people learn a skill and think it is a tool for making a living.

Dr. Luo Xuhe also agreed with Mr. Zhu’s proposal, so he applied to the government for land allocation and was approved. Sir Ho Tung pledged one hundred thousand yuan, Mr. Feng Pingshan pledged one hundred thousand yuan, and Mr. Li Youquan pledged ten thousand yuan, a total of two hundred thousand yuan, as the fund for the establishment of the college.

With Dr. Luo Xuhe's efforts to promote, Zuo found the site of the Aberdeen Dacheng Paper Bureau as the site of the establishment. Mr. Shi Deng Zhaojian, Zhou Junnian and a group of community enthusiasts donated a total of 400,000 yuan for the construction of school buildings.

The construction of the home began in 1932 and was completed in 1935. At the same time, the constitution of the executive committee and admission qualifications of the Institute of Technology were also formally formulated, and the important tasks of management and education were the responsibility of the Fellows of Charity.

In March 1935, the school held an opening ceremony and then officially started classes. Luo Xuhe, Zhou Shouchen, He Dong, Li You Ang, Mr. Deng Zhi Ang Zhu, together with Chief Secretary Zhuo Wen and his wife, went to the Macau Immaculate Technology School for inspection. Xian believed that industrial education is indispensable in Hong Kong, so the school is also committed to providing students with a perfect The learning environment has become a technologically pioneering middle school.

The school has always been managed by the Charity Association, so for 60 years, it has been adhering to the educational policy of the patriarch of the church, Father John Bosco. "Religion, reason, and benevolence" are the three pillars of Father Bosco’s preventive education method, which enables students to achieve a balanced development in the five aspects of morality, intelligence, physique, community, and beauty. I hope that students will leave the big family with children , In the modern society, be a person with both ability and political integrity, contribute to the society and serve the crowd.

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Contact person: Mr. Liu Zhubo
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