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Contact person: Mr Wong Shun Tak
Service category: Education


Our Mission
Our mission is to provide a holistic education based on Taoism, placing equal emphasis on students’ moral, intellectual, physical, social and aesthetic development. In accordance with our motto “Grasp Principles, Cultivate Virtues”, we are dedicated to helping students develop moral integrity and academic excellence.

Our Commitments
To cultivate a positive attitude towards life.
To develop their ability for life-long learning and explore their potential talent to the full.
To integrate physical education into daily life and alert students to the value of good health.
To promote ‘One Art for Life’ and foster students’ interest in co-curricular activities.
To nurture their spirit of mutual help and serving the community.
Curriculum, Teacher Qualifications & Facilities
Our school is a whole-day English medium grammar school.
Our education takes a holistic approach, with emphasis on moral education, the teaching of languages and subject knowledge. We adopt both traditional and modern pedagogy.
All our teachers have acquired at least a Bachelor’s Degree, with more than twenty of them in possession of a Master’s Degree. More than half of them have been in the teaching profession for more than 15 years. All language teachers meet the Language Proficiency Requirement for English and Putonghua.
Our school is air-conditioned. We have developed a well-planned computerized network, an Information Technology Learning Centre, a Multi-media Learning Centre and a Lecture Theatre. In addition to these modern facilities, we have enriched our school environment with an Eco-green Roof, a Solar-power Automatic Weather Station, a Chinese Culture Promenade, an Art Promenade, a Chinese-style garden area, a Botanical Corner, a Patio for leisure gathering and a Nature Trail.
The 6-year curriculum
Secondary 1 to 3 Secondary 4 to 6
Core Subjects
English, Chinese, Mathematics, Life and Society. Core Subjects
English, Chinese, Mathematics, Liberal Studies.
Integrated Science, Computer Literacy, Chinese History, Geography, Life Education, Putonghua, Music, Visual Arts, Physical Education Electives
Biology, Chemistry, Physics & Information and Communication Technology
Geography, Economics, Chinese History, History, Chinese Literature
Business, Accounting & Financial Studies
The 4th Elective: Japanese
Other Learning Experiences Other Learning Experiences
Academic Fulfillment
Confucius, “Be insatiable in learning; be tireless in teaching.”
The school places paramount importance on providing individualized as well as all-round education to every student, hoping that they can be life-long learners capable of thinking independently, exploring the world, innovating and adapting to changes. Through the amalgamation of traditional and innovative approaches, and with the help of information technology, students are facilitated to become self-directed thinkers and learners, able to apply their knowledge to real-life situations. We put an emphasis on foundation learning with a student-centred curriculum and regular evaluations of student progress. Our teachers are professionally trained in the subjects they teach.

Curriculum Review: In line with the vision of the current education reform, the curriculum has been constantly revised to set clearer key learning points with the focus on knowledge accumulation and flexibility in application. School-based teaching materials have been designed with the principle of students taking the central role in learning, with the aim of achieving the highest learning effectiveness. Apart from this, we take part in the "Seed" Projects and School-based Support Services run by the Education Bureau and universities to boost the learning effectiveness to the full.

Classroom Teaching: Teachers, taking into consideration teaching objectives and student abilities, flexibly combine cognitive and constructive teaching strategies in order to consolidate students' foundation knowledge, broaden their horizons, enrich their learning experiences, as well as adding fun to their classroom learning.

Life-wide Learning: We offer reading schemes, project learning, cross-curriculum learning, 'learning beyond the classroom' and overseas exchange tours. We also focus on training students' ability in mastering information technology and fostering their creativity.

Language Policy: Students' use of English is of utmost importance in our language policy. In addition, our students are required to reach the basic competency level in Chinese and Putonghua.

Assessments: Continuous formative assessments are held to evaluate student progress in learning so as to give timely feedback and guidance to them. Reports are given out on a bi-monthly basis with the purpose of ascertaining students' learning outcomes.

Awards:Outstanding students are commended with awards in the form of certificates, medals, scholarships, or having their names engraved on the Outstanding Student Plaque of Honour.


Our results in the HKCEE and the HKALE have come to the fore. Not only did we attain a 100% pass rate in every subject, but also a 70% credit and distinction rate. In the past twelve years, all our students met the university admission requirements.
Our school has been assessed by the Education Bureau as a consistently value-added school for years.
Many of our students have received scholarships from the government, and the Education Bureau in the past few years. Some were among the top 10 students in the HKCEE.
Some of our students attained 10As in the HKCEE. More than 10 students are admitted to universities and awarded scholarships through Early Admissions Scheme every year.
A number of students were awarded the First in Hong Kong and the First in the world in the LCCI Examinations.
Many of our graduates have also won prestigious academic awards at the tertiary level. The awards are as follows:
* Sir Edward Youde Memorial Prizes
* Hong Kong Jockey Club Scholarships (HK$300,000)
* Li Po Chun Scholarships
* AXA Scholarship
* Murjani Scholarship
* Nehiu Memorial & Tagore Centenary Trust Scholarships
* Grantham Scholarships
Mrs. & Mr. Tong Wai-ki Scholarship (each award amounting to $50, 000)
A number of our graduates have made remarkable academic achievements at university. They were awarded the First Honour and their names were on the Dean’s Honours List in recognition of their academic excellence. Some are pursuing their PhD studies at world-famous tertiary institutions, such as the University of Cambridge and the University of Oxford.
Moral and Civic Education
1. Life Education
Xi Ye, “Never relinquish the heart of benevolence, not even for a fleeting moment.”

Principle: Our school is set to equip our students with moral principles for life, based on Confucian and Taoist precepts and contemporary educational theories. Through learning, students are able to acquire truth and develop virtues.

Course: Life Education is implemented through formal lessons, together with morning assemblies, weekly assemblies, form-teacher periods, monthly moral themes, writing learning journals, reflections on current affairs and participation in activities designed by the Moral and Civic Education Team.

Strategies: All students have to participate in the ‘Whole-person Growth Programme’.

All teachers liaise closely with one another to provide all-round care and support for students’ physical, mental and social development. All students strive to do their best and make constant progress. They aim to keep a good record in their learning profiles.

The course of Life Education puts emphasis on the relationship between moral education and living. Students are guided to lead their lives morally and constantly reflect on their own behaviour and on social issues through their monthly learning journal, sharing their feelings and views with their form teachers.

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Contact person: Mr Wong Shun Tak
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