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Contact person: Mr Maggie Chan &
Service category: Education


As parents ourselves, we were constantly confronted with these questions:

What is the purpose of education?

What is the point in a child spending 6+ hours in school every day?

What kind of education today would best prepare our children for tomorrow’s world?

In searching for a suitable kindergarten, the two of us separately stumbled upon a place where the pastel colors, sunlit classrooms, aromatic bakery, and, most importantly, gentle and loving teachers together formed the most wonderful setting for our children’s pre-school years. We had the privilege of observing the amazing growth of our children at a Waldorf kindergarten, which inspired a profound appreciation of Waldorf education in each of us.

As we studied Rudolf Steiner’s wide range of insights, we became motivated to set up a Waldorf primary school in our beloved birthplace.

Waldorf education was founded on the insights of Rudolf Steiner, an early 20th century Austrian philosopher. This approach emphasizes observing and meeting the physical, emotional, and intellectual developmental needs of a child with loving devotion. The curriculum and school life are arranged so that there is a correlation between what a child experiences as his/her own inner and outer growth and what is experienced in the classroom and school.

The first Waldorf school was founded by Steiner in Stuttgart, Germany, at the request of the owner of Waldorf-Astoria cigarette factory. As more and more parents discover this unique approach, their enthusiasm for Waldorf education came to fuel one of the fastest growing independent school movements in the world.

Given the hectic pace of urban life, we believe that Waldorf education is especially relevant for children in today’s Hong Kong. We invite you to join us in bringing this unique pedagogical approach to Hong Kong. Please subscribe to our news or contact us at

We look forward to hearing from you!
Our Vision, Mission, and Values
Home Who we are Our Vision, Mission, and Values
Our Vision
To develop in children such power of thought, depth of feeling, and strength of will that they would emerge from their school years as full members of the society, able to meet and transform the world.
Our Mission
We strive to bring Steiner Waldorf education to Hong Kong, so that more children may benefit from the age-appropriate, child-centered, holistic pedagogy derived from the insights of the philosopher Rudolf Steiner.

Children’s education
We offer a rich, diverse, rigorous formal curriculum for children aged 3 and above.

Teacher training
We provide professional training and collaboration opportunities for local teachers and educators.

Parent Education
We empower parents and our community with educational resources on child develop to support their caring of the young.

Our Values
Respect & Reverence
We consciously cultivate an attitude of tolerance, respect, and reverence as the basis for all morality and for an atmosphere of social harmony, inclusivity and co-operation. The connection and collaboration that comes from this nurtures individual and community well-being, within which every student unfolds in utmost love and care.

Imagination & Creativity
We believe that students in the primary years are in the stage where their imagination is most active. Whether in science or geography, maths or languages, artistic activities create interest, encourage broader thinking skills and nurture creativity and initiative for tomorrow’s challenges.

Authenticity & Purposefulness
We believe that students learn best when their will, their feelings and their thinking are fully engaged. Such authentic learning brings real knowledge through experience, so that what is spiritual will enter the material, ideas will meet reality in a harmonious way and, as adults, the students will be able to contribute fruitfully to all that is around them.

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Contact person: Mr Maggie Chan &
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All the services you need on one platform
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